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Through strategic investment in people, technology, capital equipment and infrastructure, the CORE Laboratory has been developed as one of the leading environmental testing company. Our unique combination of experience and expertise is backed by recognized industry experts and an unprecedented scale of analytical services that address an extensive range of environmental applications.

CORE Laboratory is a leading provider of critical analytical support services to both public and private sector clients and the consulting and engineering firms that support them. CORE Laboratory leads the industry in developing innovative solutions to address their testing needs. CORE Laboratory focuses on the refinement of methods that address current environmental issues and invests in the development of new solutions for challenges that the market and our clients anticipate facing in the future. The CORE Laboratory leadership helps to shape how analytical solutions are brought to market, sets the standard for quality and ethics, and challenges conventional wisdom to drive an industry culture of continuous improvement.


Welcome to our case study on Core Lab, a leading company specializing in wastage lab testing. This portfolio entry highlights our strategic approach to website development and software development, aimed at enhancing Core Lab’s online presence and operational efficiency in the wastage testing industry.

Website Development

  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Service Pages
  • Project Portfolio
  • Contact and Inquiry Forms

Software Development

  • Custom Management Software
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Data Analytics
  • Integration Capabilities

Results and Impact

Our collaborative efforts with Core Lab resulted in significant achievements, including:

Increased Website Traffic

Growth in organic search traffic from targeted audiences. Improved user experience leading to higher inquiry and conversion rates.

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Operational Efficiency

Improved lab management and reporting through customized software solutions.

Stronger Brand Presence

Establishing Core Lab as a trusted and innovative leader in the wastage lab testing industry

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Showcase our expertise and success in delivering exceptional digital solutions tailored to diverse needs

Our partnership with Core Lab showcases our expertise in delivering tailored digital solutions that drive success in the wastage lab testing industry. By combining cutting-edge website development, innovative software solutions, and comprehensive SEO, we helped Core Lab achieve significant growth and establish a strong online presence.

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